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Pride sjuksköterskor
Pride will be the kickstart to LGBTQ issues are a recurring theme in the nursing program at Luleå University 2017. Christer Kågström, Annette Johansson, Päivi Juusi, Carina Nilsson, Eva karlsson, Malin Olsson, Åsa Engström, Silje Gustafsson och Stefan Sävenstedt.

Pride becomes their kickstart

Published: 12 June 2015

The teachers in the nursing program at Luleå University of Technology will participate at Luleå Pride Lulea year. There will be a kick start to hbtq issues, diversity issues will become a red thread through education.

- Our ambition is that diversity issues will have a greater place in education from spring 2017, they will be a theme throughout our nursing programs. Today we stress, and we highlight these issues in each course but we want to make clear,  in a different way in the future, says Silje Gustafsson, researcher in nursing at Luleå University of Technology.

Nursing program at Luleå University of Technology is being revised and the new program will be completed in 2017. Throughout the program are today issues of equal human value, that each person is unique, is a natural element.

– It's about how It is about how we teachers treat our students, and how we care and treat patients and families, and that we stand for tolerance and diversity, says Åsa Engström, assistant Professor in nursing at Luleå University of Technology.

Pride is a way to make visible the values of the nursing program. It is the first time a teacher from the Nursing program jointly participate in Pride Lulea.

- Pride Lulea is a forum for us to reach out with our values. It is a statement about everyone's spring equal value. Pride will this year also be a kickstart to hbtq- issues, diversity issues that they will gain a larger space in our education and research, says Silje Gustafsson.

Lulea Pride festival is going on 12 to 14 June.