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Fredrik Häggström
Fredrik Häggström, PhD student i Industrial Electronics and winner of the Vattenfall Innovation Award. Photo: Richard Silver/ Vattenfall View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Awarded for best energy innovation

Published: 10 December 2015

Fredrik Häggström, PhD student in Industrial Electronics Luleå University of Technology, has won first prize in Vattenfall Innovation Award. – It feels great! Maybe this gives me the opportunity to realize my idea, says Fredrik Häggström.

Fredrik Häggström invention is – as he puts it – still only a computer simulated product on the drawing board. Exactly what it is, is still shrouded in mystery because the work is underway to investigate which parts of the product that may be patentable. However, the invention moves within the realm of smart electricity distribution.

– It is an invention directed to micro-producers of electricity. I myself would like to be more independent when it comes to electricity production, but there are no products today that make it manageable, says Fredrik Häggström.

Fredrik Häggström has worked with the invention in his leisure time, a hobby project which thus received a proper response. Besides the honor, the prize also entitles him to SEK 100 000, money that Fredrik Häggström will put into the budget to fund the development of a prototype.

– To participate in the competition has meant that I got a chance to challenge my ideas and it's been fun. Vattenfall has been a great support to which I am grateful, says Fredrik Häggström.

What are your hopes for the future when it comes to your innovation?

– I hope that it is possible with a more individual energy production and that my invention is part of the system.

Vattenfall Innovation Awards support innovation targeting towards energy efficient homes, micro-production of electricity and energy efficiency products and services.