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Project Include invited prospective students

Published: 14 May 2015

Women from all over the country have visited Luleå University of Technology to learn more about Computer Science and Physics and Electrical Engineering. This within the framework of the project Include that aims at getting more women to choose programmes that traditionally have been chosen by men.

Project Include, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Linda Alfredsson

In total there were 17 girls who participated in the activities during the two days in Luleå. One of the participants travelled all the way from Skåne to Norrbotten in order to get better acquainted with Luleå University of Technology.

Alexandra Fura who applied for the Master Programme in Computer Science and Engineering, had traveled from Stockholm to participate during the two days.

– I've never been this far north before. I have visited several universities in southern Sweden, but to be invited in this way is absolutely perfect, says Alexandra Fura.

Technology and visits

The potential new students, among other things, visited Facebook's server halls. In addition, they received a tour of the campus and visited student housing. Common meals and information about the different programmes were also on the agenda.

– We have only received positive reactions, says Sophia Caspár, a student on the Master Programme in Computer Science and Engineering and representing the Include project.

– Most appreciated was the dinner together with students already enrolled in the programmes. Many good questions were asked during that dinner. We hope that we gave the visitors a good idea of ​​how life is here on campus.

More activities this autumn

The Include project is a strategic investment put together by the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering. The initiative has two main tracks. Partly to recruit more women to the aforementioned programs, and to get the women that have already started to study to remain. The project started this spring and continues this autumn.

– We plan to do something with all new and old students as soon as the nolleperiod is over, says Louise Olofsson, also a students at the Master Programme in Computer Science and Engineering.

– Hopefully we can also initiate some form of collaboration with the Career Center to get more perspectives from industry into the project.


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