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Students at occupational therapy program at Luleå University of Technology. Photo: Erica Long

Record high applications to occupational

Published: 26 May 2015

Luleå University has the highest number of first-choice applicants in the occupational therapy program in the country.

- It is extremely gratifying that so many want to study at Luleå University of technology. It inspires us to further improve the quality of the education, says program director Maria Larsson Lund.

Ten education at Luleå University had 180 primary applications for 50 places. There is a 16 percent increase in applications compared to last year. The program had even then most primary applications in the country.

One probable reason for the high number of applications is that students studying at the program are satisfied with their education, which is reflected in their willingness to recommend the education further is 93 per cent.
– Recommendations of our students have in previous years proved to be of great importance for those who applied to the program, says Maria Larsson Lund.

The year 2012, the occupational therapy program at Luleå University of Technology was appointed by the University Chancellor office, UKA, as the only occupational therapy education in the country that had "very high quality".

– The students of today are aware of quality issues and they also seem attracted by possibility to remote studies, enabling flexible studies, concludes Maria Larsson Lund.