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Glacial movement characterizes Röijezon unexpected success at the SM-week in Sundsvall. Photo Veide Lingås

Röijezon caught world record with a fly

Published: 14 July 2015

Ulrik Röijezon is not only proficient in his research at Luleå University of Technology, he is now also a world record holder in fly casting. In connection with the Swedish Championship in Sundsvall recently he succeeded, with the help of his lightweight fly rod, to reach close to 46 meters. It's a cast in the event "Trout Distance" that is almost two meters longer than the previous world record of 44 meters.

- Yes it is absolutely fantastic, we are all very pleased, and I in particular, said Ulrik Röijezon in an interview with Swedish Television.

He is a lecturer in the Department of Health Sciences at Luleå University of Technology, in the subject Physiotherapy. Fittingly enough, he is also the initiator of a unique motion laboratory at the university. Motion links very well to his leisure interest of fly casting, requiringmotor control, thought and strategy to achieve such world leading success as he has just achieved.

- We have a lot of line in the air when we are casting, it is a long and lightweight line and it is the line that is the weight. The longer the line we can keep moving forward and backward during the cast, the longer we know we can throw in the end, he says.

45,9 meters was the cast that gave the world record to Ulrik Röijezon, who is casting for Piteå Angling Club when he is not doing research at the university. Trout Distance is one of the parade events  in the sport fly casting.

- For us in Sweden when we compete, we especially want to win the Trout Distance and there are not many who throws this far, even in training, he says.


Ulrik Röijezon

Ulrik Röijezon, Professor

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