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Linn Sannebjörk

SMASK-crew ready for show

Published: 17 March 2015

This weekend is the time for SMASK – a glittery and loving parody of the Eurovision Song Contest. Students from the School of Music at Luleå University of Technology competes in popular music, costume changes and changes in key.

The theme for this year's competition in Piteå is science, something that can be seen in the scenography and the hosts.

– The audience can expect a very funny show which in full speed from beginning to end, says Linn Sannebjörk who is acting behind the scenes at SMASK.

Wants to be a project manager

Approximately 160 students are working with the production. The team consists of everything from dancers to TV producer and jury host. Linn Sannebjörk studies the second year of the program experience production and is music and contest manager.

– I want to work as a project manager in the cultural sphere and am happy to work with music.

By working with a large six-month long project during her training, she gets a head start before she will enter the job market next year. Even now she notices the project management strengths she has and what areas she need to work more on.

– SMASK is a very good exercise, but above all it's lots and lots of fun.

These are the criteria for the songs

The contributions are written by the students and the criteria common to all races around the country.

  • The schlager genre conservation
  • The utilization of the genre's clichés in the text, music and events
  • The utilization of the orchestra opportunities
  • The stage show's entertainment value
  • The characteristic key change to a higher key