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Consensus assessment of students

Published: 18 March 2015

It is important that students are assessed in a fair manner during their clinical placement, internship. Therefore, supervisors and teachers of nursing and specialist nursing programs met to discuss and review the assessment system.

– It's great to meet with tutors from other departments and discuss how they work with the assessment form, says Susanne Nilsson, tutor at forensic psychiatry at Öjebyns hospital.

Students in the nursing program and the specialist nursing programmes for a number of weeks work placement, internship. During these weeks, the students' knowledge, skills and attitudes will be assessed as objective, transparent and fair as possible by supervisor and adjunct clinical lecturers, AKA.

Work with achievement

There are 15 Akor linked to programs in nursing, 14 from the county council and one from Luleå Municipality and more are planned to be added, for example, in the County Council's community healthcare and in other municipalities. One day last week met Akor, principal supervisor and teacher at the Department of Health Sciences, Luleå University of Technology, to work on the assessment of effectiveness in the clinical education. Anna Löfmark from Gävle has designed and revised instrument AssCe - Assessment of Clinical Education, which is used in the assessments. Most nursing and specialist nursing programs use AssCe and Anna Löfmark went through the revision with uses and how the instrument is used against various targets.

– It is very important that the internship is good and instructive for the students, they are assessed in a good way and that we have good and knowledgeable tutors, says Asa Engstrom, assistant professor of nursing.

"We feel great responsibility"

The supervisor's role is important in the grading process. The more influence the supervisor has over the grading of student, more important it is that clear criteria for assessment are available.

– It is important that we know that we are thinking right, and listen how others work with the material. It's very fulfilling to be a supervisor and we feel a great responsibility, says Anna-Karina Aasa, supervisor at psychiatry at Sunderby hospital.

Assessment at advanced level

The next step is to employ clinical lecturers who will be responsible for the assessment at an advanced level and assure the quality of the assessments. They will also be available as a support to the adjunct clinical junior lecturers and be linked to university research and teaching. A working group from the Department of Health and from Norrbotten County Council is now working on the issue and the introduction of these services.