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Anna Edin, professor vid Luleå tekniska universitet
Anna Edin, professor at Luleå University of Technology Photo: Lars Andersson

Puts media research on the agenda

Published: 9 June 2015

Anna Edin is Luleå University's new Professor of Media and Communication Studies. Her academic career began back in the early 1990s and most resently she comes from University of Gävle . Recruitment of students and the promotion of a university environment where media research is high on the agenda, is some of her most important tasks.

- It is a priority for many reasons, not least to ensure that basic education also has a distinct research link. Another challenge is to contribute to, in various ways, clearly placing our research topic on the national MKV map, says Anna Edin.

Just the right time

Anna Edin belonged to the first intake of students admitted to the newly established graduate program in Media and Communication Studies at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMK) at Stockholm University, 1991.

- It was an exciting time when the topic found its contours and I was privileged to have many inspiring scientists as teachers, mentors and colleagues, says Anna Edin who feel that the appointment to professor at Luleå University came just right in time.

- I have a daughter who is 21 years, which is about to begin his university studies and leave home, giving me the opportunity to be a little freer in terms of parental duties and focus on new, interesting work.

Research on celebrity politics

Her own research quest puts lies in the intersection between politics and the media, from a cultural theory perspective.

- I have, among other things, researched on the Swedish public service television discursive construction of the audience by studying the relationship between media policies, production and media aesthetics. Another research interest is about celebrity politics: first, politicians who become celebrities, but especially about celebrities who become politicians. Here is a clear gender perspective: politicians have long had to balance the private and the public to achieve success. A balancing act that has been a disadvantaged for women politicians, but what about today in a highly mediated formalized society? says Anna Edin.

Although the real work only starts in the autumn Anna Edin finds her knowledge of the university's research and education in media and communications are good.

- This applies to both the old programs and the new program (Journalism and Media, editor's note.) To be launched in the autumn. I also know about the great quality of work carried out in recent years.