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Skellefteå Municipality chose LTU Business for internal training

Published: 4 January 2015

Skellefteå searched new supplier for the coordination of municipal service training of managers and employees. The contract was valued based on competence, quality and cost, and eventually landed election at LTU Business AB.

- It is incredibly interesting to work with an organization that includes 8,000 employees. We see this as proof that our methods on educational work, says Mikael Rehnberg, education coordinator at LTU Business AB.

The mission is to work with both community-wide education and commissioned programs, which also includes norsjö, Mala and Arjeplog municipality.

- They have a well thought out approach to competence development and we see this as a long term investment. Localities win at coordinating training for government and business with the university where LTU Business Act spider in the web, says Mikael Rehnberg.

LTU Business AB is now looking at further developing the concept towards other municipalities in the region.

- We are already in discussions with other municipalities who want to work in a similar way, says Mikael Rehnberg, education coordinator at the university Business AB.