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New semester on campus

Published: 19 August 2015

It was a real summer heat when the 2500 new students arrived for the autumn semester at Luleå University of Technolgy.

 – It feels good that there will be life on campus again, says John Sterte, Vice Chancellor at the university.

In four rounds the students were greeted welcome in the Aula Aurora and then made their semester registration. The 180 phösarna, students with overalls and sunglasses, take care of the new students during today's tour and activities during the introduction period.

– For us it is important that students feel welcome and get to meet smiling faces, says Mia Oldenburg, director of student services.

Students arrived from many different parts of Sweden, and the reason why they came to Luleå varied.

Photo: Linda Alfredsson

Emil Törnberg, Stockholm – Nursing

– I wanted to make a change of scenery. I have heard that there is a good community at the university, so I'm happy to be here.

Photo: Linda Alfredsson

Hanna Gradén Svedlund, Stockholm – Architectural Engineering

– My employer think that the education in Luleå is good. They have been here at career days and because I want to work with construction, they recommended me to apply here.


Photo: Linda Alfredsson

Mattis Herberlein, Skövde – Automotive Engineering

– I am interested in cars, and it seems to be a good school. My brother studies in Umeå and regrets that he did not go to Luleå instead.

Photo: Linda Alfredsson

Leila Winblad, Gothenburg – Preparatory Programme in Technology

– I got the course catalog sent home. Since I want to study Space Engineering, I applied here to first study the Preparatory Programme in Technology