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Anabola steroider

Steroids can increase the viability of seniors

Published: 6 February 2015

Older people who receive a small dose of anabolic steroids can become more alert, get better mobility and thereby reduce the risk of falls. Anders Eriksson, senior lecturer in anatomy at Luleå University of Technology, conducted research on anabolic steroids and muscle cells structure. Now he wants to make a drug trial on anabolic steroids.

– A drug trial has never been done on anabolic steroids, and with our experience and knowledge, we believe it is worth investigating, says Anders Eriksson.

Reduces the number of falls

As the muscles becomes weaker and slower for older people, the risk of falling increases significantly. Last year were 101,000 older Swedes hospitalized after a fall accidents. Anders Eriksson believes that if testosterone or anabolic steroids can reduce falls by five percent, the society has saved billions and simultaneously raised the quality of life for many seniors. Testosterone is the body's natural hormone and anabolic steroids are artificial testosterone.

In the 1990s, Anders Eriksson has competed in the national team in powerlifting. He knew that he was competing against people who used anabolic steroid, which he thought was unfair. After his sporting career he had the opportunity to do research on anabolic steroids and how it affects the muscle mass.

Testosterone in small doses

According to his own and others' research on the subject, Anders Eriksson believes that it would be quite possible to use testosterone or anabolic steroids to enhance quality of life and reduce falls in older people. At higher age the level of testosterone lowers and the body gets slower. With small doses of anabolic steroids, the testosterone level is increasing to the same as in younger men, and in conjunction with exercise, it could increase the quality of life and decrease the risk of falls. According to Anders Eriksson, testosterone could also be used in rehabilitation of certain diseases and injuries for younger people. Steroids with low hermaphrodite power could be used as an alternative to women.

– Of course there are side effects, just as there are in other preparations, but indications show that adverse side effects are found at high doses.

Anabolic steroids as drugs

Anders Eriksson, together with Yelverton Tegner, a doctor and professor of Health Sciences at Luleå University of Technology, have written a number of articles about anabolic steroids effect on muscles. In the future, they have thoughts of doing a drug trial to investigate whether anabolic steroids can be used to enhance quality of life and reduce falls for older people, in cooperation with the University Hospital of Umeå.
– Women take estrogen after menopause to reduce osteoporosis. I do not think it would be strange to give testosterone to raise the quality of life of older people. Here in Sweden, no one dares to take on the subject because anabolic steroid is associated with doping and side effects.


Anabolic-androgenic steroids are hormones produced by chemical means. They work in two ways. They build up muscles and other tissues in the body, and gives male sexual maturation and lowers the production of testosterone in the testicles. Source: 1177 Health Care Guide.


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