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Larger accident ends students education

Published: 16 June 2015

The education for ambulance and intensive care students finishes with a practical training in prehospital care management.

– The reality is rarely so many injured, so it is a good preparation if the day will come, says Stefan Tjikkom, who is studying Specialist Nursing, Pre-hospital Emergency Care.

Two cars have collided and there are many injured. Resources by ambulance is not sufficient and the students get to practice prehospital care management. It is part of the final examination before they go out in their new professions.

On site is a healthcare leader, a medical officer and a medical team in orange clothes. The students have been divided into two groups and take turns playing patients and healthcare professionals.

Even the firemen take the opportunity to train their staff to cut the cars open and get the injured persons out.

– It is not possible to train more realistic than this. It's incredibly useful, says Pontus Knutson, a Specialist Nursing, Pre-hospital Emergency Care student.