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Students from Luleå University helped windows factory in norsjö with the prime streamlining process. Photo: Victor Öberg

Students helped production company restructure

Published: 15 May 2015

Window Factory Inwido in Norsjö wanted to streamline production and reduce costs. The company contacted Luleå University for help with the process.

- We wanted to tighten the production and move up the manufacturing units to reduce internal transport, energy costs and other resources, says Urban Malmbom, acting site manager at Inwido.

It was through LTU Business that Inwido came in contact with Kjell Rask at the university. The meeting resulted in a study from six students with knowledge of the industrial production environment and production processes. The visit led to a fresh start in Inwido work which appointed a new project that worked with the selected students.

- The project provided an understanding of the importance of having good user participation and how it is to work with the real people. These are problems that can arise that we would never meet in a school environment, says Victor Oberg, a student at the Engineering Design.

The company had been in deadlock regarding the project, but in a short period of time many solutions was came up with the new project.

- It is noticeable that LTU is a technical university. The students know what they are doing and behave professionally. The best part was how the whole process flowed and that the students regarded the problem from everyone's point of view, which created an open dialogue, says Urban Malmbom.

The students came in the end with two layout options of how densification process would be conducted and identified a list of obstacles that stopped work at present. Inwido in Norsjö produces 40,000 windows a year and has about 75 employees. Inwido Group is today Europe's largest window manufacturer.

– This cooperation has increased our efficency and in the future we will become better at harnesssing the resources that are available at the university, says Urban Malmbom.

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