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David Rönnberg Sjödin, Senior lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Luleå University of Technology, along with Kent Mrozek and Emil Svanberg, business developers at LTU Business. Photo: Melina Granberg

Students employees in top rated course

Published: 10 July 2015

Students in Industrial and Management Engineering at Luleå University of Technology have worked with a case in a course that they describe as one of the best and most rewarding during their study time.

– The students have helped idea owners from Luleå University of Technlogy to find commercialization strategies for their inventions, says David Rönnberg Sjödin, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Luleå University of technology, who has been involved in developing the course.

The inventions range from new materials in the construction and furniture industries to applications in health care, and the students got specific education in commercialization strategies.

– I've learned what it takes to work with project management in innovation and product development. To apply the knowledge in a real consulting work, which also helps local entrepreneurs in Luleå, have contributed to my development as a project manager, says the student Tobias Henriksson.

– The course was challenging, rewarding, sometimes frustrating, exciting and above all very, very funny, says the student Elin Hultin.

Consulting project with spin-off

The course is conducted in close cooperation with LTU Business where Kent Mrozek and Emil Svanberg normally works as Business developers. Now they had to step into the role of teachers, but David Rönnberg Sjödin says that he would rather see them as leaders and coaches and the students as staff.

– The students delivered a solid decision basis to their clients. That means lots of practical information on the opportunities and obstacles in front of them when it comes to commercializing the products, says Emil Svanberg.

– Our plan from the beginning was to find students that we may use for similar projects in the future. Already this summer, a bunch will continue to work on their project, says Kent Mrozek.


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