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Student Collaboration with Älvsbyhus

Published: 15 April 2015

Sweden's largest modular home manufacturers Älvsbyhus recently started a collaboration with Luleå University and the students of the program Industrial Management. The idea is for the students to identify future challenges and possible problem areas and present final proposals for improvement of the company at the end of the project in June.

- We are confident that the students will present interesting ideas and the hope is that someone or some groups choose to look into the future with thoughts and ideas that we actually have not thought of, says Kent Johansson, CEO of Älvsbyhus.
The week before Easter representatives of the company and the students met for the first time. A meeting which, according to Kent Johansson were promising.

High hopes

- We already had high expectations before but now they are possibly even higher. The student group was engaged, interested and knowledgeable in a variety of areas so it is with great confidence we look forward to take part of the ideas the students choose to pursue projects around, says Kent Johansson, who, however, was careful not to leave any ideas for students during the first meeting.

- We want them to have the freedom to, along with their lecturers, choose completely unhindered and it makes it even more exciting for us.

Part of an active improvement

The student project is part of the University's integration courses which over the years has been a highly appreciated feature for both students and participating companies or municipalities. For Älvsbyhus it is the first time they participate in this form of collaboration and they hope that students can help the company to take another step into the future.

- Regardless of the industry, I think the front window must be greater than the rearview mirror, you can not sit back and think that you can live on past glories. As part of an active improvement, we believe that future cooperation with academia and especially Luleå University of Technology will have a great value for us, says Kent Johansson.

The students' project plans presented to Älvsbyhus at the university on 4 June.


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