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Nursing students Cilmara Arén and Bunga Boonsinchai are looking forward to se how the healthcare works in Thailand. Photo. Private

Studying diabetic patients in Thailand

Published: 11 August 2015

Cilmara Arén and Bunga Boonsinchai study the nursing programme semester six at Luleå University of Technology. They have chosen to do their clinical education abroad. On August 15 they will go to Thailand for nine weeks to gather information for their essay on how the relationship between diabetes patients and caregivers works.

Why have you chosen to do your clinical education abroad?

– Because we are curious about how the healthcare looks like in another country. For us who are studying nursing it is interesting to gain knowledge about how healthcare works in another culture, environment and under other conditions. Here in Sweden the healthcare has good standard and quality compared with other countries, but still there is much that needs to be rectifyed.

Why have you chosen to go to Thailand?

– We find it remarkable that many people in Thailand have diabetes, even though there are not many who are overweight. They eat mostly vegetables and fruit, and therefore we want to go there and find out more about this. In addition, we have the opportunity to implement our studies at a health center in northern Thailand.

– We think it is interesting to see how the healtcare looks like in a developing country like Thailand. Thailand is one of the world's absolute favorite destination when it comes to beach holidays. Palm trees and paradise beaches attract, and that it is still quite cheap to revel in luxury makes it no less attractive.

What is your essay about, and how will you collect the information?

– Our essay will focus on how the relationship between diabetes patients and caregivers looks. We'll write about patients' experiences, for example, if they feel that they are getting good care, if health care is accessible and so on.

– We will gather information by interviewing the patients and observe them at the health center.

What are your expectations for the country and the health center?

– We hope that we will meet friendly and helpful people. We really hope that we can build a good relationships with the patients, so they tell us everything so we can write an essay with good quality. We believe that we will have an exciting, interesting and educational experience, but it can be a struggle for us with the warm humid climate and the standard of healthcare, which is lower than what we are used to here in Sweden.

How do you think the journey and the experience will affect you as nurses?

– Nursing, in our opinion, is a career where you never really finish your education. It is a very demanding career that presents new challenges every day, but with it comes many rewards and a real sense of job satisfaction. Our ambition is to become fully qualified registered nurses, so we were very excited when we got a scholarship to go to another country and learn about more about the health care profession. The journey will certainly be educative. It gives us a chance to develop skills that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives and help us become successful in our future careers.