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Yelverton Tegner at the Sports Medicine Spring meeting. Photo: Joanna Kvist

Tegner received award in sports medicine

Published: 12 May 2015

Saturday, May 9, Yelverton Tegner, Professor of Health Sciences at Luleå University of Technology, received an award for his excellent work in Sports Medicine. This took place at the Sports Medicine Spring meeting, which had the theme "Sports Medicine - the Road to Success", and was held in Linköping. The spring meeting was arranged by the Swedish Association for Physical Activity and Sports Medicine

– It is a confirmation from my collegues in Sports Medicine, that my work is important, and it feels great. I'm very honored and happy.

Yelverton Tegner received the reward at the Sports Medicine Spring meeting on the ground:

"Who scientifically, pedagogically and on the sports field has had an enormous influence on the development of sports traumatology, both nationally and internationally. ".

After the nomination, he held a honorary lecture about his journey as a sports physician and researcher.

Disseminates knowledge in sports medicine

During the meeting, the Swedish researchers and clinically experienced gathered to take part in each other's work. The aim is to disseminate information and knowledge that is useful in sports medicine and to be able to live up to the sports medicine's mission, which is, through counseling, prevention and treatment make it easier for everyone to live a more active life.

Preparing for the World Cup

Yelverton Tegner is not only a Professor of sports medicine and a specialist in orthopedics. He has also developed a way to evaluate the activity level after knee injury, known as the Tegner Activity Scale.
Over the years, he also worked with the management of concussions in athletes. Between 1974 - 2014, he worked as a team physician for Lulea Hockey.

Today, he is one of two doctors, who works for the women's team in soccer. Right now are they preparing for the World Cup, which takes place June 6 to July 5 in Canada.

Professor Yelverton Tegner receives the award in the Sports Medicine Spring meeting on the theme "Sports Medicine - The road to success"


Yelverton Tegner

Yelverton Tegner, Professor emeritus

Organisation: Division of Health, Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of Health Sciences