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Uday Kumar, Professor in Operation- and Maintenance Engineering mean that Sweden's railway need maintenance, but the time for maintenance is hard to find due to the high usage.

Technical expert for the Swedish parliament

Published: 8 January 2015

Both in Sweden and EU is a major development work on the railways taking place. When the Swedish Transport Administration held a hearing to shed light on choices facing the railroad, Uday Kumar, Professor in Operation and Maintenance Engineering at Luleå University of Technology, was invited to talk about the latest maintenance research from a technical perspective.

The use of the Swedish rasilways have in recent years increased and in Sweden we have a load amounting to 85-90% of the railway capacity. While time slots in order to maintain the railway becomes harder to find,  the quality of the railroad deteriorates in order to the high load, says Uday Kumar. And for the hearing the problem of maintenance was the basis.

–  We have a paradox here, which means we either have to get better at planning the maintenance or develop maintenance-free solutions, says Uday Kumar, who also means that 20-30% of time can be saved by effective maintenance.