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Wolfgang Birk
Wolfgang Birk, Professor of Control Engineering at Luleå University og Technology. Photo: Linda Alfredsson

Interdisciplinary research for better results

Published: 10 April 2015

The research conducted by the Control Engineering group, can be of great benefit to the IIP, Intelligent industrial processes, one of the university's areas of excellence in research and innovation. This according to a new report written by Professor Wolfgang Birk.

Intelligent industrial processes, IIP, is one of the university's areas of excellence in research and innovation. Within the framework of IIP there shall be conducted interdisciplinary research that for example, relates to the process of industrial automation, simply put – research that are linked to the process industry. In the report Intelligent Industrial Processes – Automatic Control Perspective, Wolfgang Birk says that the research conducted within the research field of control engineering is of great relevance for the IIP. This is particularly true in the areas of modeling, design and implementation of control systems and process monitoring.

– I have identified areas of expertise that are applicable for the IIP, what does the industry need and with what can the research contribute, says Wolfgang Birk.

Virtual test platform 

A concrete need that has been identified is the need for an open research and innovation platform. A form of cloud-based open-source platform that companies can use to improve their facilities.

– We imagine a virtual system that runs parallel to the real plant. There, tests can be done that are close to the real-world, without having the real facilitiy affected. Over time, the platform can become more sophisticated and the cloud can take over the control of the process, become autonomous and ultimately self-governing, explain Wolfgang Birk.

According to Wolfgang Birk, it is precisely within the interdisciplinary field that vision can become a reality.

– Research in Control engineering will continue to be relevant to the industry. But thanks to the interdisciplinary perspective, we can get industrial processes that are more flexible, more resource efficient and to some extent autonomous.


Wolfgang Birk

Wolfgang Birk, Professor

Phone: +46 (0)920 491965
Organisation: Control Engineering, Signals and Systems, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering