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At the request of SJ wheel wear on trains is measured within the project ePilot119 led by Luleå University of Technology. Photo Stefan Nilsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Maintenance provides better sleep on trains

Published: 10 February 2015

Project ePilot119 with Luleå University of Technology, Swedish Transport Administration and others have in research on improved train maintenance been able to develop methods to measure and monitor the vehicles' status. It's about being able to measure wheel wear while the train is running and thus be able to predict when it is time to replace the wheel before it starts to vibrate.

- Somewhat simplified, one could say that in the future rail passengers would not have their sleep disturbed in wagons that shakes or wobbles caused by worn wheels, says Ramin Karim, Assistant Professor at Luleå University of Technology, who leads ePilot119.

It is among others in the sub-project "Bad running" that methods are developed at the request of SJ. This result and several others was reported on Tuesday during the conference "The railways hidden opportunities" with 60 participants. In the project "Bad running", that is implemented by the company Damill AB with advanced measurement technology, one can with the help of measuring equipment in the tracks, measure wheel wear at an early stage.

- That solution allows us to measure the wheels wear and automatically connect data to the right vehicle and the right axle in a train even though it passes at full speed, says Dan Larsson, CEO of the company Damill and one of the actors in the network within ePilot119.

According to the client SJ, the solution means it is possible in the right time to make the maintenance more efficiently, which in turn increases safety.

Participants in the conference ePilot119
Ramin Karim, Assistant Professor, Luleå University of Technology, Peter Söderholm Swedish Transport Administration, and others in connection with a conference in projects ePilot119

During the conference ePilot119 was a series of projects and solutions reported. Another example is a so-called app that is being developed within the concept eMaintenance. This means maintenance solutions using modern ICT which is also a special research area within Luleå University of Technology. The challenge is how maintenance chain stakeholders and materials can be coordinated so that track- capacity is best utilized. The app will, when it is developed, be an instrument for operators, contractors and others to provide better planning, traffic control and less interference.

- Ultimately, the results we get in the ePilote can be applied to the entire Swedish railway network, said Peter Söderholm Swedish Transport Administration, who is also an adjunct professor at Luleå University of Technology.

ePilot119 is a collaboration between various parties in Sweden that everyone is working with rail and rail vehicles. Examples of the parties is Swedish Transport Administration, SJ, LKAB and Luleå University of Technology. Developing together and testing new technology where the tests are done mainly on the track between Boden and Luleå, also called "path section 119".

Ramin Karim

Ramin Karim, Professor

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