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Åsa Engström, assistant professor of nursing and Anna Berg-Jansson, researcher in Human work science has made a unique study of chartered and regular nurses in intensivården. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Unique study of hired nurses

Published: 2 September 2015

A unique study has been done among specialist nurses in intensive care in Norrbotten, where both temporary and permanent staff have been interviewed about their work. The answers are so interesting to the researchers, that they now want to investigate the matter further.

- The nurses' answers are pure recipe book for employers, namely what are the two different groups looking for in their employment status, says Åsa Engström, researcher at Luleå University of Technology and her self a specialist nurse in intensive care.

The flexibility attracts leased

There is a great shortage of nurses with specialist training in Sweden. It is also a well known fact that many are experiencing frustration in work because of a heavy workloads and an inadequate working environment. Some nurses choosing to work as temporary employees because the opportunity and the demand is there, instead of traditionally part of a solid team regular staff.

The study made at Luleå University of Technology , by Anna Berg Jansson, researcher in Human Work Science and Åsa Engström, researcher in Nursing care, is interdisciplinary and based on individual interviews with ten specialist nurses, five regular and five chartered, about their experiences of hiring an intensive care unit Norrbotten. Just intensive care generally have long experience of hired specialist nurses.

The main issues were, why one choose one or the other form of employment, how one experiences the work associated with hiring and how you look at each other in the common work.

- Our study shows that the willingness to work as a hired specialist nurse in intensive care has a lot to do with the experience that it is more flexible. One may increasingly decide when, where and how much you work and you think it is fun to work in different places. It provides higher salary, of course, also important but other factors influence the choice, says Åsa Engström.

- The regular staff for their part appreciated rather than being at the same workplace and stressed the importance of being part of a team and be involved in the development of health care and their own workplace, says Anna Berg Jansson.

Additionally described both temporary and permanent staff, another as a kind of prerequisite for working in the ICU would work. The regular staff described, for example, that they hired could contribute knowledge and experience from other departments and hospitals, and they were a prerequisite to the regular staff could participate in training. For seconded personnel, was the regular strength of its continuity a prerequisite for work because they had knowledge of the equipment and procedures. This in turn raises interesting new questions about hiring, with a focus on both the individual and the organization:

- Hiring of nurses has increased significantly in many counties in recent years and reflects, besides the nursing shortage, also a more general trend in the labor market. We therefore need to learn more about and understand how hiring affect employment and working conditions for both temporary and permanent staff, says Anna Berg Jansson.

Study the issue further

The study has been funded by LTU's Areas of excellence in research and will be published in a scientific article.

The study has also been the basis for an application for a 3-year project in order to proceed with the matter. This also includes the researcher Karolina Parding, who along with Anna Berg Jansson is part of the research team at Human work science that studies the organization and management of the welfare professional work.

Åsa Engström, assistant professor of nursing, and Anna Berg Jansson, sees a great need for further interdisciplinary cooperation regarding these current research issues.

Anna Jansson

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Åsa Engström

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