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Unique research center for big data

Published: 25 June 2015

Luleå University of Technology, in cooperation with SICS, Swedish ICT, start the first phase of a national large-scale data center facility for testing and experimentation of cloud and big data technology.

The data-center is being built at the university campus in Luleå in the fall of 2015. The municipality, county government and county councils are involved in supporting the initiative.

Now is the start of the first phase of construction of the national large-scale data center for research and innovation in big data and cloud area. The plant is called SICS ICE (Infrastructure and cloud data centers Test Environment) and built in Luleå in  fall 2015.

- A number of datacenters, including Facebook, are in the region and there is great potential for even more, says Vice-Chancellor Johan Sterte, Luleå University of Technology. This requires greater expertise, research and technology development. The start of a data center facility in connection with Luleå University of Technology is a major and important step to achieve this.

The aim is that the data center will support all universities and industrial companies in Sweden with an experimental environment for research, demonstration of infrastructure products, cloud services and other aspects of data analysis.

- Phase one means we get started earlier and may produce useful research and innovation concept as soon as possible. The size is around 300 kW, with some 20 racks, 300 servers and lots of measurement equipment, says Tor Björn Minde, project manager at LTU Business AB and adjunct professor at Luleå University.

In order to meet future environmental needs, so Sweden must develop high-performance and energy-efficient technologies. Increased skills are needed because of a growing industry and Swedish research and innovation at international top level requires increased potential for large-scale experiments.

Tor Minde

Tor Minde, Adjunct Professor

Organisation: Signal Processing, Signals and Systems, LTU Business AB, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering