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The delegation consisted of Colombia's Ambassador Sonia Duran, her husband and Professor Julian Vasquez and two representatives from Korpilombolo Culture AB. From Luleå University attended Professor Sitaram Velaga, Associate Professor Niklas Lehto, international coordinator Päivi Juuso's and doctoral Silje Gustafsson. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

University strengthens ties with Colombia

Published: 29 December 2015

In November Luleå University was visited by a delegation from the Colombian Embassy. The purpose was to discuss collaborations in research and education in health sciences, but also shared projects.

– It is good for the department to expand our network as part of its focus on internationalization. They are interested in herbal remedies and culture, and we see opportunities for cooperation in these areas, but also to become partners in education and research, says Sitram Velaga, Professor of Health Sciences, one of the initiators of the visit.

Collaborations between universities

During the meeting, the visitors receive information about Luleå University of Technology and the research and education conducted in health sciences. The focus was to discuss scientific and educational collaboration between the Department of Health Sciences and the Faculty at the Universidad CES, Medellin, Colombia.

A collaboration between the Department of Health Sciences and the medical group Quale Vita from Bogota, Colombia, was also discussed, which will result in the establishment of a health house in the village Korpilombolo, a twin city to the Colombian resort Bolombolo.

Interesting discussions were conducted about the possible cooperation between the Department of Health and the Group of anthropological and scientific research at the Universidad CES on minority populations using natural remedies.

Continent gaining ground

In late October, PhD student Silje Gustafsson went on a contact seminar in Latin America organized by the Swedish Council for Higher Education. The trip resulted in many contacts for cooperation between Luleå University of Technology and, for example, the University of Medellin.
– Latin America is a continent of opportunities on a roll. The universities we made contact with have many exciting and innovative solutions that appeal to us from northern parts of Europe, says Silje Gustafsson, PhD student in Nursing.

The visit has resulted in an official cooperation agreement between Luleå University of Technology and Universidad CES.

During the spring semester of 2016, a digital workshops will be held between the universities about the plans to set up a Swedish-Colombian center in Korpilombolo.

– An international collaboration is important for the future. It is rewarding for both parties and can promote both educational and research cooperation at all levels, says Päivi Juuso, international coordinator at the Department of Health Sciences.


Silje Gustafsson

Silje Gustafsson, Senior Lecturer

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Päivi Juuso

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