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Tor Minde
Tor Minde

Tor Minde

Adjunct Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Signal Processing

Since September is Tor Björn Minde with us at LTU Business AB. He is on leave from Ericsson Research, where he is research strategist.

Mobile number: +46 70 624 29 59

Tor Björn will work to develop a consolidated approach to data center presence in the North. The client is the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten, together with Norrbotten County Council and Längmanska Fund for Entrepreneurship.

The strategy will adress the region partnerships (public and private actors) can best support the establishment and growth of the data center business, their customers and suppliers. The strategy will also adress the innovation environment (eco) systems needed to promote growth of new business.

In his spare time is Tor Björn most at home with his wife and three children. The summer project has been gravel paths around the new patio. Books and old Ericsson mobile phones are also of interest.

Tor Björn tweets about trends and technology development primarily in computer and mobile phone, follow him on: