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Employers met the student teachers

Published: 25 May 2016

Student teachers were this week given the chance to make contacts with potential employers when the university organized an recruitment day.

- This is the first time we organize something similar and we hope that both employers and our student teachers can establish contacts that will be valuable in the future. There is a great lack of teachers and pre-school teachers in the two northernmost counties, and this is in addition to the municipalities' own recruitment efforts, says Lena Nystrom, a lecturer at Luleå University of Technology.

Get to meet employers

Through the Kommunförbundet Norrbotten and Region Västerbotten municipal and independent principal were invited from the country's two northernmost counties. An excellent opportunity for student teachers to familiarize themselves with the future labor market.

– This day gives students the chance to meet employers outside their own municipality, and compare the terms of employment and other conditions that need to be considered. There is also the opportunity to inquire about temporary worker pools but also summer jobs in pre-school and recreational activities, says Lena Nyström.

Needed a special event

Recruitment Days for student teachers have been lacking at the universityt and Lena Nyström is happy that students and employers now have a forum to meet in.

– The University's job fairs are not aimed to the employerthat our student teachers will be working with and therefore we need a special event where our students and their prospective employers in school and preschool can meet.