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Annual medical conference with clear goals

Published: 24 May 2016

The extent and level of the subject medical science is different in all nursing programmes in the country. During two days, representatives from universities in Sweden gathered at Luleå University of Technology to discuss the subject and goals for the future.

– Us teachers in medicine are very unanimous that we would like to reach a minimum level of education, then it is up to each one to expand or niche in any particular way, says professor Birgitta Semark at Linnaeus University. She is also the initiator of the conference, which was last year held for the first time at Linnaeus University.

Good care requires good medical knowledge

Each university has the right to decide how much of the subject in medical science should be included in the nursing programme, with content, extent and depth. There are over 20 universities in the country, which means that each one of them can make their own arrangements.

Birgitta Semark discovered that the level and extent in the subject of medicine varies a lot in the courses.
– I believe that society and patients expect nurses to have a basic knowledge in medicine, and I do not think that all universities reaches that basic level.

– You must have good medical knowledge to conduct good care, continues Kerstin Lerjestam, lecturer at Karlstad University.

Working Steering Committee

The aim is to have an annual meeting to which all universities who educate nurses can attend to be inspired and learn from each other's knowledge. Meanwhile, a steering committee of six people meet each month to work on certain issues. The conference also gave participants the opportunity to highlight what they think is important for the steering committee to continue working on. 

– We have an ambitious to change the exam objectives for nurses so we will be working to concretize some medical goals. Today is only drug managing clarified, says Birgitta Semark.

Estimated conference

During the conference first day, lectures were held focusing on the subject of medical science. Day two was devoted to group discussion in the subjects of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. Both during breaks and work operations the participants were engaged in discussions sharing their experiences and thoughts.
— The big difference this year is that we know each other. It has been a very nice, well-planned and fruitful conference. It's just a shame that it's a year until the next time we meet, says Birgitta Semark.

The baton was taken by Dalarna University with nursing education in Falun, which is organizing next year's meeting. Until then, teams will begin to work with the content of the subject physiologi, which will be followed up att the meeting in Falun.

– The conference was a very appreciated. The participants were very satisfied with our program and arrangements, which of course was made possible with the help of many from our Department, says Johanna Sundbaum, lecturer at Luleå University of Technology.