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Spin-off company was awarded internationally

Published: 27 May 2016

Spin-off company BehavioSec which was started by former students at Luleå University of Technology has been recognized many times in recent years. Recently, the company received the award Best Fintech Company in Europe for its security software.

- We have managed to create a solution that makes online services safer while contributing to a better user experience, as the end user does not need to do anything other than he usually does, says Olov Renberg, COO of BehavioSec.

The company, that was founded by studets at Luleå University of Technology, develops and markets biometric security software that records a user's behavior with respect to, among other keyboard rhythm and mobile gestures, and where the software throws out users who do not meet the "normal behavior".

-  Our turnover is how the user manages his phone and keyboard to an additional security layer to simplify and secure online services such as banks and the like. says Olov Renberg.

Spin-off company BehavioSec hopes that in the future establish themselves on the market in Asia and the US. The plans are that the headquarter should remain in Luleå.