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The research group in control engineering, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Linda Alfredsson
Parts of the research group in Control Engineering at Luleå University of Technology engaged in robotics. – We have projects that put us in the spotlight in Europe, says Professor George Nikolakopoulos. Photo: Linda Alfredsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Good impact for robotic researchers

Published: 13 June 2016

The research group in Automatic Control at Luleå University of Technology had three presentations at the European Robotics Forum 2016 in Slovenia. – We have projects that put us in the spotlight in Europe, says Professor George Nikolakopoulos.

The annual European Robotics Forum is the most influential event within robotics in Europe. During the forum both researchers and industry come together; companies, universities and governments meet and exchange experiences and this year – 700 robotics experts attended. The aim of the meeting is to provide short updates of the most interesting and ground breaking robotic technologies in Europe and with the participation of all to create and update the future roadmap in all the aspects of robotics in Europe. Thus the participation at the event is a quality stamp that puts the corresponding robotic groups in the elite of Europe.

Successful projects

The robotic team of the Automatic Control division of Luleå University of Technology had three presentations in three different sections this year, a great achievement and a possibility to really have an impact on the field of robotics. One of the aims of the forum is to create a common roadmap of the future activities within this field, how robots and robotics will affect human activities and not the least, guidelines for EU to use when creating project calls. The topics that the LTU presented were focused in the areas of: a) aerial robotics, b) localization in mines for robotic applications, and c) advances in Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). All the results that were presented are outcomes from European projects in Horizon2020 that the group is running and coordinating.

– The presentations really increased our visibility. And visibility gives us a possibility to find new partners, new projects and new ideas. Hopefully we’ll have a great impact on the future, says George Nikolakopoulos.

– Currently we are fully working preparing our contributions to the next year event, which we hope, that will have the same impact as in this year but we will aim mainly in the field of aerial robotics.

Luleå University of Technology participated in the sections Robotics – the way to the mining future, How do we surpass current barriers to efficient deployment of new robotics in industry? and Aerial robotics for inspection and maintenance.

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