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Debate: "Swedish innovators takes ideas abroad"

Published: 3 May 2016

Engineering and business expertise has taken Sweden to the world economic elite. Many large Swedish companies have been built by people trained at Swedish universities and often the research that formed the basis for the companies.

This has been an important engine of Swedish industry for more than a century. Now the danger this development to be broken, it writes the board of the Society of University Holding company in Sweden which also LTU Holding AB is included in an article on the SVD debate today.

- We believe that the bill introduced by the government is inadequate. If a venture capitalist will want to invest in an idea, it takes a skilled team and a finished product, and it can take a long time to get there from the research. Therefore, it takes more investment capital in the early stages, says Gry Holmgren Hafskjold, CEO of LTU Holding AB.