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Photo: Marie Larsson
Now starts a five-year project to improve waste sorting in Porsön in Lulea, in collaboration between Luleå University of Technology, Akademiska Hus, Lindbäcks Bygg and Luleå Renhållning. Photo: Marie Larsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Twice as good in five years

Published: 26 August 2016

Now, a five-year project to dramatically improve the waste sorting in the Porsön in Luleå has started. Over 700 new students learned about practical waste sorting and now they are given the addition conditions. The 100's old paper baskets at the university, now becomes the garbage and are replaced with environmentally recycling containers.

– The students were determined that the university really invested in recycling, says Elin Bergström, project manager at Luleå University of Technolgy.

This week the recycling project really began as the new students were informed about waste sorting. Approximately 750 recycling bags were handed out and the bins on campus are replaced with recycling containers. In mid-September, the student unions also arrange a sustainability week with additional focus on the issue. Then the property owners in the project will even be knocking on doors in the dormitories to provide information about sustainability efforts and recycling.

Old paper baskets are themselves garbage

The project to increase the waste sorting is a joint project between Luleå University of Technology, Luleå Renhållning and real estate Akademiska Hus and Lindbäcks Bygg. Luleå Renhållning is the project owner. The basis of the project is an analysis conducted at the university, that showed a great potential to improve the waste sorting at Porsön. Only 38% of what is thrown in "combustible" belong there, according to a waste sorting study conducted on campus in Luleå.

– We hope that the peple who lives in Porsön and our tenants at Campus will be twice as good at waste sorting in five years, so that we  reach the level of at least 80 percent of what is thrown into combustible really are combustible, says Toyne Ringvald, property manager at Akademiska Hus who owns and manage the facilities on campus, in which Luleå University of Technology, conducts its business.

Therefor bins go out from the classrooms, halls, libraries and other open spaces used by students. In comes, new waste sorting stations with clear instructions on what and how the sorting will be done and fresh new waste sorting facilities will be decorated in all student residential addition. Discussions are also held, to promote a sustainability concept, to create opportunities to submit and changing clothes, repair and re-use furniture.

Text: Katarina Karlsson, Åsa Svedjeholm

Elin Bergström

Elin Bergström, Environmental coordinator

Phone: +46 (0)920 491857
Organisation: VSS-MOS, Professional Support