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Graduated in Sweden Unique Masters Programme

Published: 9 June 2016

Four years of half-time studies are now completed for the country's first students to have a master's degree in physical therapy with specialisation in orthopedic manual therapy, OMT, a specialist area within the musculoskeletal system.

– It has been four fun, educational and challenging years. However, it has been tough. Combining master studies with a degree in OMT for four years requires a very good planning and a good shoehorn. Sometimes I am asked if it was worth it and every time I answer; Yes indeed, says Monika Nilsson, one of the 30 students who recently graduated.

Specialization within the musculoskeletal system

Orthopedic manual therapy, OMT, is an international specialist area in physiotherapy for treatment of acute and chronic pain problems, malfunctions, injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The master program provides a deepening in this area, where the goal of the patient is an active life with increased well-being and opportunities for personal responsibility.

– The education is the only one in Sweden and we have managed to combine a specialization in the profession and an academic skill. For being a master programme, there has been a high throughput of students and it feels great that practically almost all students have graduated, says Senior Lecturer Peter Michaelson.

Daily used knowledge

Monika Nilsson believes that the knowledge and specialization in manual techniques, motor control, enhanced clinical reasoning, rehabilitation training, behavioral medicine and field studies in other specialties is extremely useful.

– The broad knowledge base that we dedicated ourselves during this master programme directly benefit our patients and is applicable in the clinic every day.