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Former student praised at media gala

Published: 16 December 2016

Amelia Mauritzon studied journalism at Luleå University of Technology until she was offered a dream job at Östersund Posten. She was recently awarded the prize for best TV-segment at the media group MIttMedias sports gala.

- It feels absolutely fantastic, fun and unexpected. It is an acknowledgment that you actually  are doing something right, says Amelia Mauritzon who works at Östersunds Posten.

Want to be a part of the sports world

The winning feature was a mini documentary where you got to follow football referee Martin Strömbergsson during a match day. A topic that is close at hand for Amelia Mauritzon.

- Despite the fact that the training focuses on all types of journalism, I have always said that I am studying to be a sports journalist if anyone asked about my studies. I love sports and athletics. I want to be a part of the world every day.

A nudge in the right direction

Amelia Mauritzon did her first internship at Gefle Dagblad and has since practiced and worked for the newspaper at every permission or leave. When a job recently opened at Östersunds-Posten in the same media group she was asked to apply.

- I've always dreamed of becoming a sportswriter and this is really a push in the right direction, even if it means I pause my studies, says Amelia Mauritzon who looks back on her time at the university with warmth.

- I got on very well at university and especially in Piteå as a town, I loved the people there and it's thanks to my time at university as the ability to get this job opened up.

What's the best thing with the education?

- I hated it then, but it was probably that the teachers wanted us to learn all the technology from scratch.  It helps in my current job makes because I know how all the cameras and instruments is to be set.

Do you have any tips for those looking to learn Journalism and Media at Luleå University of Technology?

- Always say yes to jobs outside of school and try to establish as many important contacts as possible.