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Curt Persson bokmässan
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Research on the Book Fair

Published: 5 October 2016

Curt Persson, researcher in history, appeared recently at the Book Fair in Gothenburg where he participated in three seminars.

– The seminars were very well attended and the audience had many interesting questions. I am very excited and honored to have been able to talk about my thesis at the Book Fair. I am very pleased to have been given the opportunity to market Luleå University of Technology and the subject of history at such a well-attended event, says Curt Persson.

The headings for the three seminars was Mines can not be exported, Mines – Northern Sweden's basic industry and Norrbotten – the ore country.

Curt Persson discussed his thesis Hjalmar Lundbohm – A study about leadership in LKAB 1898-1921, but also 400 years of mining, with all that means in terms of conflicts over land and environmental impact. The latter with the basis of his colleague Staffan Hansson's research. He is Professor of History at Luleå University of Technology and published earlier this year the book Malmens land.

Curt Persson was invited to the event along with Staffan Hansson, who unfortunately was unable to attend.