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Ali Ismail Awad, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Linda Alfredsson
Ali Ismail Awad, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems, thinks that the student's win confirms that the Master programme in Information Security is front edge in the area of Information Security. Photo: Linda Alfredsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Success for students in information security

Published: 14 July 2016

Students on the Master Programme in Information Security at Luleå University of Technology have won a Cyber defense exercise arranged by the Swedish Armed Forces. – It feels great to win this competition and that our team's effort paid off, says Information Security student Triveni Kodam.

The team from Luleå University of Technology consisted of four students and was supervised by Senior Lecturer Ali Ismail Awad, who also teaches at the programme and is the coordinator of the Information Security Laboratory (InfoSec Lab) at Luleå University of Technology. The technical scenario of the exercise included cyber-attacks against ICT infrastructure at organizational level intended to ruin delivery of services. The fictitious adversaries had a distinct political and economic agenda and used sophisticated cyber-attack vectors to create a large-scale cyber incident requiring the teams to focus on response.

Katyayani Kiranmayee Kolluru, Luleå University of Technology
Katyayani Kiranmayee Kolluru. Photo: private

– This cyber defense exercise was a good platform for understanding real industrial problems. As a team, we worked collaboratively in solving the exercise and we learned how to handle a cyber-security incident and what areas to focus on in case of such an incident, says Katyayani Kiranmayee Kolluru, student and also member of the winning team.

Triveni Kodam agrees and adds:

–The exercise gave us an insight into real time security issues.

Triveni Kodam, Luleå University of Technology
Triveni Kodam. Photo: private

Important InfoSec Lab

The importance of working in a real time security environment is also emphasized by Ali Ismail Awad. And – the importance of the on-line Information Security Lab.

– The use of our lab was one of the main drives for this success. The win proofs that we are moving in the right direction with our teaching and our philosophy about combining theoretical and technical parts in the programme, says Ali Ismail Awad.

– Our goal was to participate, understand, learn and see what it takes to be in the forefront of Information Security. Now we know that we can examine students ready not only for the academia, but for the industry.

Besides Triveni Kodam and Katyayani Kiranmayee Kolluru, Andreas Schmoll and Peter Ken Bediako participated in the team from Luleå University of Technolgy.


Ali Ismail Awad

Ali Ismail Awad, Recognised University Teacher

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