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From Luleå to Silicon Valley

Published: 14 September 2016

Idéacceleratorn (now Impact Lab) brought Shilpi Sinhas passionate about the startup life. After graduation, she now new batch and moves to Silicon Valley for six months as an intern at the Nordic Innovation House.

- It was so fun and addictive to set my own terms and work with my own idea during the Idea Accelerator. I probably worked twelve hours every day, harder than I've ever done before in my life. LTU Business brought life into my love for entrepreneurship, said Shilpi Sinha, a student in Industrial Design Engineering.

The famous entrepreneur and investor Douglas Roos and the news group Nyheter24 became interested in her idea, a new publishing platform aboiut popular science in Swedish.

- They wanted to use the whole concept and make me editor-in-chief, but I declined. I wanted to focus on my studies first and do my thesis . For me, the journey is the most important thing and I want to work with realizing several ideas. Nyheter24 have realized this concept today, said Shilpi.

In early January she leaves for Palo Alto in San Francisco and the tech world's heart – the Silicon Valley. Nordic Innovation House, where she received internship, is driven by the Swedish department Vinnova and helps young technology companies from the Nordic countries to connect with mentors, investors and cooperation partners, and allows companies to develop and grow.

- I have already received a personal invitation to Facebook's headquarters by an engineer who works there, so that's a thing! I will also learn more about entrepreneurship, how to do to establish yourself globally, network and make contacts and hopefully take back the knowledge to Sweden. Palo Alto feels a bit like a fantasy world so it will be fascinating to see how it really works. Then when I get home, I will start working on all my ideas and create my own startup.