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Geology day at the university

Published: 22 March 2016

The Division of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering annually organizes an information day on metals, minerals and nature. This year high school students in grades two from Lulea visited the University. They took part in lectures, exercises and a popular mineral contest.

–   No one has escaped the news of the earthquake that occurred here in northern Sweden during the weekend. It was big, 3.8 on the Richter scale, at least with our Nordic dimensions. So our information day on geosciences became a bit different than it was supposed to, says Glenn Bark , researcher in ore geology at Luleå University of Technology.

The lectures that were given this afternoon; Just granite - or valuable minerals? A trip to the Inner of Earth. How is the oxygen content is controlled in the atmosphere? How do you find gold? The more practical competition had mineral-determination on the schedule.

Mineral Determination
Mineral Determination

–  The geosciences are missing on the schedules in Swedish primary and secondary schools, we try in various ways to fill this knowledge gap and increase the interest in the area. We also want to find tomorrow's skills for an exciting global industry, says Glenn Bark.

Participants from The Division of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering were Tobias Kampmann, Dr. Tobias Bauer, Dr. Christina Wanhainen, Zimer Sarlus, Emelie Hedlund Nilsson, Hugo Hedin Baastrup Dr. Saman Tavakoli, Dr. Glenn Bark, Professor Johan Ingri and Dr. Olof Martinsson.

Glenn Bark

Bark, Glenn - Senior Lecturer

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