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180 Degrees Consulting in Luleå Photo: Katarina Karlsson
From the left: Marcus Öhman, Tobias Henriksson, Rasmus Fransson and Sara Larsson, from the front left Karin Isacsson, Lina Pettersson and Agnes Lindell Photo: Katarina Karlsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Non-profit student organization nominated

Published: 29 April 2016

The non-profit student organization, 180 Degrees Consulting Luleå, founded and run by students at Luleå University of Technology, is the first student organization to be nominated for Lulåa Business Awards.

- It feels absolutely fantastic, especially since we are the first student organization ever to be nominated. It is an acknowledgement that we really do create value for the key parts of the community, says Tobias Henriksson, a student at the the Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineeringin industrial economics and chairman of 180 Degrees Consulting Luleå.

The students work voluntarily

Today, a total of 24 students at Luleå University of Technology, are engaged in 180 Degrees Consulting in Luleå. The non-profit organization 180 Degrees, is available worldwide. The majority of students come from the Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineering and the Master Programme in Business and Economics In Luleå it has exicted  for just over a year and now has reached enormous success with its moral concepts. The last six months the company has had a growth of 320 percent.

Among other things, the organization they has had assignments for  BRY, Barns rättigheter, 1,6 miljoner klubben, Rädda Barnen i Luleå, Röda Korset Bodenkretsen, Mattecentrum i Luleå och Barncancerfonden Norr.

- We are extremely proud of all the projects and clients that we have had the opportunity to work with. Common to us is that we are trying to support the organizations and associations that really need help to develop their business, säger Rasmus Fransson, student at the Master Programme in Industrial and Management Engineering.

Newcomer of the Year

Now the organization is nominated for the Newcomer of the Year, at the event Luleå Business Awards, which is a collaboration between Luleå Business & Economic Development and various industry stakeholders in the municipality. The two other nominees in the category, are Clarion Sense and Glugg production.

- Yes, I do think we have a chance to win because we create a unique platform where students, associations and businesses in the local community are working together to create a better society. We have an innovative business model that delivers extremely high value to students, associations and companies, says Tobias Henriksson.

Entrepreneurial student culture

He thinks it is natural that perticular students at Luleå University of Technology started this type of organization.

- There is a big commitment and entrepreneurial culture among students at Luleå University of Technology. Students over the years have built up student health, a huge nightclub, fantastic sectionals and associations and all with a big cup of commitment and desire. The University has a wide range of different programmes and students, All in alll, I think these are the reasons why perticular students at Luleå University of Technology has started 180 degrees, says Tobias Henriksson.

Partners in 180 Degrees Consulting in Luleå,  include Handelsbanken, PWC, Nordic car, BDX LTU Business AB.

Luleå Business Awards was settled Friday, April 29, and newcomer of teh Year, was Clarion Hotel Sense.