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Photo: Erica Lång
The professionals specialized nurses Helena Hemphälä, Boden, Ida Strömbäck, Kalix, and Agneta Överlind, Piteå, will assure the high quality of the student's clinical education in the municipalities. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Municipal nurses are employed as teachers

Published: 17 March 2016

The health care is increasingly moved to the municipal management and it becomes more important for the Nursing Programmes in the country to tie the municipalities to the program. Now, Luleå University of Technology has signed an agreement with the municipalities of Boden, Kalix and Piteå in order to secure the quality of the clinical education. Since a few years exists an agreement with Luleå municipality already exists.

–  A few nursing programmes in the country have managed to sign contracts with as many municipalities as we have at Luleå University of Technology. It is very positive that we have come this far. The municipalities have had a strong desire to get to these positions settled, says Åsa Engström, Assistant Professor in Nursing and Department Manager at Luleå University of Technology.

Health care conducted in municipalities

Places on inpatient care at the County Council are reduced and it means that more care is conducted within municipal management. This means that municipalities now are a new employer for more nursing students than earlier. Therefore it becomes important to increase the quality of the clinical education at the municipalities. In Norrbotten there is an increasing interest among municipalities to let professional nurses, also called adjunct clinical lecturers, get an employment as teachers and contribute to increase the quality in the Nursing Programme. In Norrbotten County Council there are already 20 adjunct clinical lecturers who do parallel work as nurses.

Quality is assured

The new agreements mean that more students can be guaranteed a clinical education in more municipalities with adjunct clinical lecturers to ensure the quality, secures examinations and assesses the achievement of objectives. There are also demands from Swedish Higher Education Authority on how the assessments will be performed and that there must be a teacher employed by the university involved in the assessments.

Teachers with high education

From March 1 are four adjunct clinical lecturers tied  to the Nursing Programme and Programme in Specialist Nursing in Primary Health Care. Since a few years back, are Eva Almevall, Luleå municipality, employed as a adjunct clinical lecturer and now will Helena Hemphälä, Boden, Ida Strömbäck, Kalix, and Agneta Överlind, Piteå, become her new colleagues. All of them are Specialist Nurses in Primary Health Care and have a master's degree in Nursing.

This week, they met with managers and course managers to be introduced in the work. Mainly, they will work with nursing students in the fourth semester when they have clinical education in Nursing Care for the elderly, nursing students in psychiatry care and specialist nursing students with a focus on district nurse who has clinical education in Home Nursing.

The adjunct clinical lecturers will be responsible for introducing students and supervisors, middle and final assessment of the students and to have reflection with the students.