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Photo: Melina Granberg
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MOOC spreads Human Work Science

Published: 9 May 2016

A new web-based course, free and open to people all over the world will spread Swedish research in work environment. The concept is called MOOC, Massive Open Online Course, and Luleå University of Technology participates in the development, together with KTH, Chalmers and Lund University.

– When it comes to work environment we consider ourselves as one of the strongest knowledge holders in Sweden. This collaboration reinforces our position nationally, says Kjell Rask, project coordinator at Luleå University of Technology and head of the Division of Human Work Sciences.

The MOOC course is expected to be completed during 2017 and will consist of two parts. One is a fact-based part based on the English version of the textbook Work and technology on human terms, written by researchers from KTH, Chalmers, Lund University, Mid Sweden University and Luleå University of Technology.

The other is an applied part where participants get to practice a number of fictitious situations related to work environment. Gamification will be used to explore working life environment situations. The course is conducted independently and the participant does various tests, which lays the foundation to a diploma.

Aimed at professionals

MIT and Harvard were among the first to spread education in this way on a large scale. They started the platform EDX, which today supplies the whole world with MOOC courses. To conduct training in this way is relatively new in Sweden.

– This is the most advanced MOOC made in Sweden. It becomes a way to make our research results freely available, says Kjell Rask.

The MOOC course lies entirely outside the universities' regular activities, and offers no credits. Therefore thinks Kjell Rask that professionals, who want to gain basic knowledge of how a good working environment is created, will become their primary target group.

Students can take part in training

Kjell Rask means however, that the training material developed within the framework of the MOOC course will be used in regular courses at Swedish universities.

– The idea is that we should allow our students to use selected parts. We will develop a new educational material in a completely proprietary format. We will not record lectures ourselves. Instead will professionally videos with narration, animations and interviews with key people be created. The material will also contain sequences in the game format.

The MOOC course has the working title Work and technology on human terms. Behind the project stands Prevent. KTH, Chalmers, Lund University and Luleå University of Technology are responsible for the course content.