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Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist
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Millions to Spotify project

Published: 21 December 2016

Professor Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist is awarded nearly four million from the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Memorial Fund. This beacuse of a new project that examines the importance of streaming media in general and Spotify in particular.

- It feels great and a bit unreal. After all the time I spent searching money for various projects it finally paid off. The Foundation believes in the project and believes that it is important. We are a group of people who worked hard with the support of cross-border art and technology, and that the collaborative efforts worked and paid off, I'm very proud of, says Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist, professor at Luleå University of Technology and underlines how welcome the financial grant is to the study.

Not have been possible without the contribution

- It means that we can actually get the project running and implement it, which would not have been possible without the financial support. It enables the research team to meet and gain time to implement this truly cross-border project.

The project is called Evolving Bildung in the nexus of streaming services, art and users - Spotify as a case and investigate the function of streaming music, and other art expressions, can have in people's lives, and how the technical streamed companies like Spotify, relate to and interact with these features.

Raises new questions

- We need to ask new questions regarding the relationship between human life and streaming music, but also other art, to understand how people can be offered experiences that allow meaning, to be oneself and to understand and manage the world, says Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist who believe that the research is in demand.

- We know a lot about, for example, listening habits and file sharing, but what it really means in people's lives or what affects the strong experiences and how economics, law, technology and ideology related to that, we need to know more about.Companies like Spotify probably need to know more to be able to broaden their offerings.

The project involves different disciplines like cyber-ethnography, ethnography, big-data analysis, sound analysis and philosophical studies. When the project is completed Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist hopes that knowledge of streaming media has deepened.

- I hope we get answers that shows how technical, economic, sound technical, educational and artistic parameters can be combined to provide people with meaningful art experiences. We aim for in-depth knowledge of streaming media in relation to education and innovative learning methods through streaming media platforms. We think that the results can provide insights relevant to the product developer in the field of streaming media, teachers, pupils and democracy-oriented initiatives at government level.