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New student facilities gets luminous painting

Published: 16 September 2016

Fresh new and significantly larger student areas at Luleå University of Technology have been inaugurated. Indoor environment and the outdoor environment in the converted building are met by a 42 meter high glass wall, that let in natural day light at a new monumental painting by Danilo Stankovic, a painting which is transformed when night falls.

– The new student areas in the A - house provides a greater opportunity for social interaction, conversation and community among students. We are very grateful that we have been involved and been able to put forward our views on how we want Sweden's best student environment to be designed, said Carl-Johan Granqvist, Chairman at Luleå  studentkår at Luleå University of Technology.

At Regnbågsallén, the A-building is located as a key node at Luleå University of Technology. In the building which is now surrounded by a 42 meter long glass wall, with formulas, linked to Luleå University of Technology, much of the teaching are at the Institutions of Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering, Department of Arts, Communication and Education and Department of Health Sciences.

The A-buildning now has got an extra floor. Study surfaces have increased from 800 sqm to 1500 sqm and study places from 100 to 600.

Five years ago, Akademiska Hus and Luleå University of Technology, decided to rebuild the A house. The shovel was put into the earth in 2014 and now it is completed.

- Thank you all at Luleå University of Technology who put up with the noise and construction dust during these years and thank all the artisans and entrepreneurs. Now we have finished this rebuildning project and have got a fantastic result. Take good care of the house, said Roger Granberg, tf. Regional Director at Akademiska Hus

Flexible learning environments

Johan Sterte, Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology talked about the university's willingness to invest in large, flexible learning environments where different environments can be used for specific purposes. This is made, while the interior has taken into account the special nature of light during changing seasons in this part of Sweden.

–  I am very pleased and happy with the result, said Johan Sterte.

In the midst of this new study envoronment is now also a monumental artwork by Danilo Stankovic, Silence of the birds. Christina Möster Nilsson, Statens konstråd, talked about this painting at Luleå University of Technology. The painting was inaugurated, at the same time as the A - building, where the monumental painting is extending the wall, from floor to ceiling, and was created specific for this building.

– He wanted in his painting to pick out what does not fit in the student world, the occult. If you go really, really closely you will see that the painting has several small, small figures. When it gets dark, the painting starts to light up and changes character, said Kristina Möster Nilsson.

"I folktro är skymningen, då ljudet av fågelkvitter dör ut, tidpunkten då det okända vaknar. Det fanns i nya A-huset en önskan att som student få möjlighet att tänka utanför boxen, att öppna sina tankar mot något utöver tentor och studierutiner. I dialog med traditionell kunskap och ockulta värden, och med en estetik som känns igen från klubbmiljöer, öppnar Stankovics måleri gluggar mot andra dimensioner i studentvardagen. När Fåglar Tystna skänker därtill självlysande magi i det norrbottniska vintermörkret". (Kristina Möster Nilsson)

Erika Andersson, Karlskrona, Bachelor Programme in Physiotherapy at Luleå University of Technology

- It's nice and bright in the new premises

Philip Olausson, Stockholm, Bachelor Programme in Politics and Society at Luleå University of Technology

– I think it's good in terms of space when to sit and study

Stefan Lundin

Stefan Lundin, Kristianstad Bachelor Programme in Physiotherapy at Luleå University of Technology

- It is good and fresh on the premises, pleasant but long queue to the microwaves.