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DEPICT, the new lab

Published: 4 February 2016

A lab where scientists can measure people's conscious and unconscious behaviours are being built up at Luleå University of Technology. The lab will be a strong Swedish model in uniting many different measurement methods, and will also increase research quality and enable new research collaborations.

– Let's say we want to study how people behave and perceive a meeting. Facial cameras can help us follow and record facial emotions in real time. We can measure heart rate and skin conductance to test when a person become involved. We can study the movements of the eyes to find out what people focus on during the different phases of the meeting. How do you get the attention, which uses suppression techniques and why and when are people laying, explains the Chaired Professor, Bjarne Bergquist, who is active in Quality technology and Management and one of the persons behind the establishment of the lab.

A behavioural science laboratory can provide quantitative data that cannot be captured through surveys or interviews. In interviews may the respondent, for example, affect the response in a direction that the person consider as beneficial.

Human behaviour is an important factor in many research areas. DEPICT Lab is supported by, and will be available to, scientists across Luleå University of Technology. It enables new cross-disciplinary meetings and research projects with the community.

Part of the equipment will be mobile, to be able to bring it to other laboratories and outside the university.