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Professor performs successful sale of patent

Published: 29 March 2016

Professor Mats Ekevad in Skellefteå has sold his patent regarding more effecient industrial sawing processes with the help of the university's business development company LTU Business AB.

– There are two aspects this this deal. First, it is exciting that someone is taking on my research and will implement it industrially. The company has bought my patent with the ambition to make something of it and that is great and exciting. Number two is that I get some money for it, says Mats Ekevad, professor at Luleå University of Technology.

The patent is based on a mathematical algorithm that controls the saw blade more efficiently by tilting the blade after the log curvature. According to calculations, the savings are up to 10 SEK per cubic meter log - which could mean gains of 2-5 million SEK per year for a middle-sized sawmill.

– It is a company that we know of, and their particular interest in this idea was completely in line with their business model so therefore it feels extra fun. Hopefully this deal will create a need for the company to contact wood research and the university in the future to develop the product further, says Mats Ekevad.

The buyer is a Swedish manufacturer of equipment for sawmills which primarily is planning the development of machinery in the United States and Canada. LTU Business has assisted Mats Ekevad throughout the commercialization process from idea to the completed deal.

- I am glad we have been able to support Mats in the sales process by managing negotiations with the company. We see this as a sign that the University's innovation support works as intended, says Kent Mrozek, business developer at LTU Business AB.

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