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A row of professors concludes course

Published: 30 May 2016

Bengt Klefsjö, Professor of Quality Technology and Management, laid the foundation of Luleå University of Technology in 1971 along with three colleagues. He has now finished his PhD course, which focuses on publication and scientific writing, for the last time and looks back on his 45 years at the university.

– The start took place in a building that was about one-fifth of the current D building. Porsön had basically just a farm. The rest was covered with forest. There are very few people in the world who are privileged to be a part of starting a university from scratch, and be part of the development for so long. Of course I'm very proud of this journey, says Bengt Klefsjö.

Bengt Klefsjö started as a math teacher and became later a professor in Quality Technology and Management. After his retirement, he had a major involvement in the development of the education for PhD students at Luleå University of Technology. One result of this is a university-wide course on acquiring knowledge of the publishing system and to write scientific articles that will not only be published, but also quoted. But Bengt Klefsjö also sees the importance of discussing publishing and research in a wider perspective, for example ethical issues.

– It seems that courses with this overall approach are rare in our Swedish universities.

Panel answer questions from PhD students

At the last gathering received the PhD students the opportunity to ask questions to a number of professors and other experts from different fields.

– That is an opportunity to try to answer the questions we have not addressed, or those we have failed to respond to in a good way. In addition have different people and research subjects different opinions and views. That is new knowledge to many of the students.

Bengt Klefsjö hands now over the responsibility for the course to Lena Abrahamsson and Ylva Fältholm, professors of Gender and Technology and Industrial Work Environment, who will develop it further.

– The course has been appreciated and has received high ratings on course evaluations over the years. And has perhaps contributed to increased publishing in recent years.

You have taught many PhD students through the years. What skills have you wanted them to achieve from your courses?

– It was a difficult question. I have tried to honestly and sincerely share the experience I have acquired as tutor and researcher. I have also tried to point out that we need to help each other even more with research and writing, in order to be successful together. This also applies to graduate students as a group, concludes Bengt Klefsjö.