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Space Innovation Forum Becomes a New Meeting Place for the Space Industry

Published: 9 May 2016

Luleå University of Technology is launching a new venture towards space related research. The Space Innovation Forum will become a new meeting place between the space industry and academia in order to promote regional growth in the aerospace industry. The meeting will be arranged five times within three years starting May 10th.

– Our hope is that the Space Innovation Forum will be a standing meeting point and a significant element for strengthening space activities at Luleå University of Technology and in the entire region. It gives us a good opportunity to communicate the results of joint projects and discuss new opportunities, said Jonas Ekman, head of department, at Luleå University of Technology.

Luleå University has in recent years invested SEK 100 million in the Space Campus in Kiruna, which means 20 new PhD positions. Two new professors have been recruited, Professor Javier Martín Torres in atmospheric science Professor Reza Emami in Onboard Space Systems. LTU Business have also worked to strengthen relations between the university and the national space industry. Next joint venture is the Space Innovation Forum.

On May 10 to 11 the Space Innovation Forum will be organized for the first time. The schedule includes speakers who tell of ongoing development work where both industry and academia are participating. Professor Javier Martín Torres research group, together with the company Omnisys speaks about the development of the instrument HABIT to be sent to the surface of Mars. Professor Reza Emami will speak about the development of the first Swedish registered miniature satellite that is part of the space mission QB50. Participants are also a number of companies from established players like Swedish Space Corportation, GKN Aerospace, OHB Sweden and NanoSpace to regional companies Microbit, Conex Engineering and Pre Eye. Together, they highlight the challenges that exist within the industry and discuss how to jointly create solutions.

– Our cooperation with the business sector will be crucial for the success of our ambitions in Kiruna. Therefore, we need a new type of venue where we can coordinate efforts and plan future strategies, said Johanna Bergstrom-Roos, business developer at LTU Business AB.