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Extensive frontal concludes specialized education

Published: 2 June 2016

Two ambulances and a fire truck arrive to a major accident where two cars have collided head-on and many injured are on the site. It is one of the final examinations students on the specialist programmes Pre-hospital Emergency Care and Intensive Care meet before they go out in their new professional roles.

Theatre makeup and fake blood is part of the preparations before the exercises begin. The students themselves act injured and shocked patients, whereas other fellow students act Healthcare Leader, Chief Medical Officer and Ambulance and Intensive Care Nurses.

– This is a way for students to get as close as possible to a real accident in the education before they go out and work in their new professional roles, says lecturer Christer Kågström.

The exercise is part of a two-day course in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology, Norrbotten County Council's faculty of Prehospital Care Management and Luleå Rescue Service.

During the first day, students have a written exam and theory with various accident scenarios on a whiteboard, where important steps are reviewed so as to make sure the place is safe and how many are injured. Key roles are the Healthcare Leader and Chief Medical Officer.

The education ends on day two with a practical exercise where all the partners are involved and a final written exam. Also the Luleå Rescue Service will take this opportunity to train their personnel to cut down cars and getting injured people out of the cars.

– All parties involved are satisfied and during these days our students show that they keep a high level of expertise. We are pleased to have this partnership with the Norrbotten County Council and Luleå Rescue Service because it will also strengthen the cooperation between the Pre-hospital Emergency Care and Intensive Care Nurses in their professional roles. They get an understanding of each other's roles and can interact during major emergencies and disasters, says Christer Kågström.

This autumn specialist programmes starts in Pre-hospital Emergency Care, Anaesthesia Care, Intensive Care, Theatre Care and Primary Health Care at luleå University of Technology.