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Students play handball at elite level

Published: 7 April 2016

Emma Petersson and Anna Järvinen are studying on the physiotherapy program at the same time as they did the historic effort to get to the top division with the team in Boden Handboll IF. It is the first handball team from northern Sweden who in 28 years made this achievement.

– There were so many emotions at the same time and I just wanted to explode. Absolutely amazing, says Emma Petersson.


Indescribable joy

The game against Önnered was crucial, and before the last minute the score was 20-20 when Bodens handball player Emmy Nordmark scored. The victory was a fact and the players and team bounced from the bench. The joy was indescribable and team captain sprayed the players with expensive champagne.

– Handball is so big in Boden and it means so much to many people that we want to fight both for ourself and everyone around. We had 1,500 people in the stands last home game and there is no one in the top division that has so many spectators, says Emma Petersson.

Studies and handball

Both Emma Petersson, Uddevalla, and Anna Järvinen, Boras, entered the physiotherapy program in the autumn 2015. They came in contact with Boden handball IF and got a place in the team along with four other new players. They moved up to Lulea to start the education and play handball. Full-time studies and four training sessions a week plus games on the weekends has required planning.
– It's good that we have each other because we are in the same class and has the same training times. This has worked out very well, says Anna Järvinen.

Bitchy on the playfield

Emma Petersson had previously met Boden handball several times and knew what she was getting into.

– They seemed like a happy bunch as a team, but as individuals on the playfield they are really bitchy and careless in the language, so it has rubbed off a little, she laughs.

Both became a part of the team very quickly and has been well cared for. But with a team where almost half the force is new and to play themselves into the top division in such a short time should not be possible according to Anna Järvinen.

– We have stuck to our plan the whole time and it has paid off. The handball also mean so much for everyone up here, and that's probably why we have come so far.

Canceled the celebrations for studies

The celebration of the victory began immediately after the game and at the Luleå airport they were welcomed by media and hundred people. In Boden a nightclub opened specially for the players, leaders and families, and the celebration lasted until four o'clock in the morning. After two hours of sleep they went to the university for a whole day to be part of the start of the new courses, something they do not want to miss. When the school day ended, they went home to shower and then went to Boden again.
– There were 600 people who welcomed us in the middle of town. It felt like we won the World Cup, says Emma Petersson.

Looking ahead, the girls  will probably play more handbol, but they have set their sights on to graduate with their classmates.
– It is our goal. It just requires more planning and more studying on the trips. I think we can do it, says Anna Järvinen.