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Honored professor awarded exclusive scholarship

Published: 2 May 2017

Professor Erik Westberg, teacher at Luleå University of Technology, is honored with Landshövding Kari Marklund's scholarship. A prize awarded by the Längmanska företagarfonden to people who market Norrbotten in a deserving way.

- It is of course very honorable! The fact that both Kari Marklund and the current governor Sven-Erik Österberg were present at the distribution gave an extra radiant gloss, says a happy Erik Westberg.

Sets Norrbotten on the map

The prize is awarded annually to individuals or groups that somehow marketed Norrbotten County. Erik Westberg, the head of the Music College's chamber choir and his own vocal ensemble, is a great example of such positive marketing.

- Speaking on behalf of yourself, is not always easy. But together with my singers in the chamber choir and the vocal ensemble we have shown that singing and culture are boundless - the choir song has put Norrbotten on the national and international map.

Only possible with the choir singers

The prize sum of SEK 25,000 Erik Westberg plans to use for travel and cultural excellence. Berlin and the Berlin Philharmonicians are mentioned with additional emphases. But what warms most is of course the honor rating and the shared joy with the choir singers.

- The price gives energy and joy! It is also a kind of vaccination against those moments that the wall of trouble is present. It should also be remembered that my career is only possible with choir singers. They do the biggest job.

You have been awarded a lot of prices over the years. Is there ever a saturation?

- You are happy every time someone is paying attention to what you do. So saturation - absolutely not -only joy!


Erik Westberg

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