Teachers educate students in Vietnam

Published: 6 February 2017

It is the second time that teachers from Luleå University of Technology traveled to Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam, on a teacher exchange. For three weeks Päivi Juuso and Carina Nilsson were teaching students on the International Nursing Programme.

– This is a teacher exchange that takes place both ways and the purpose of the trip is to find a collaboration of our nursing, says Carina Nilsson, senior lecturer in the Nursing program at Luleå University od Technology.

The cooperation with Hanoi Medical University, HMU, started a few years ago when three teachers went on a contact trip. Fundings were screened by Linnaeus-Palme Partnership and a teacher exchange began. 2014 went the first teachers to HMU and the following year was Luleå UNiversity of Technology visited by two teachers from the HMU, who was involved in teaching at the Nursing program, but also the specialist programmes and other programs in the Department of Health Sciences.

Learn from each other

Päivi Juuso and Carina Nilsson taught students in grades three and four, in courses on qualitative research methods, pediatric nursing which focused on, for example, the nursing process and a course in-hospital care, where the students took part of the home care and primary care conducted in Sweden. The teaching was conducted through lectures, critical reflection in groups and case studies.
– We have applied the teaching methods we use in our teaching here at home. Even the teachers at HMU took note of the lessons and was interested in how we work pedagogical in educational contexts, says Carina Nilsson.

– This has been clearly linked to the purpose of the Linnaeus-Palme partnership, in that we get to share each other's different ways to conduct education and thereby strengthen and learn from each other. We also have a lot to learn from them, for example, when it comes to conduct international programs, an experience we do not have, continues Päivi Juuso, international coordinator and lecturer in the nursing program at Luleå University of Technology.

On HMU is a international nursing program conducted, a program entirely in English, which allows a student exchange. In the current situation there is no teaching in english on the program for nurses at Luleå University of Technology, which in future will be reviewed.

Both Päivi Juuso and Carina Nilsson found both students and teachers as very open and curious to take part of working at Luleå University of Technology, while they gladly shared their experiences and knowledge.

Visits to hospitals

During the trip, they made a number of visits to different hospitals, both private and public. They also visited a psychiatric hospital.

– It was very interesting to see how health care is organized and conducted. We were well received and could take part of how the different professions work. Vietnam is a developing country, with a strong belief in the future and in Hanoi occurs an expansion that also is noticeable in the health care organization, says Päivi Juuso.

The next step in the project is to receive teachers from HMU in the fall. They will be involved and participate in the teaching in the Nursing program, but also other programs.

Fundings for teacher exchanges comes from the Linnaeus-Palme Partnership.


Päivi Juuso

Päivi Juuso, Senior Lecturer

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