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Lena Håkansson, Ida Luther Wallin and supervisor Helena Klasson Photo: Richard Renberg View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Is the rescue service equal to all?

Published: 12 September 2018

Fire Protection Engineer students Lena Håkansson and Ida Luther Wallin chose to investigate how recruiting and staffing of different fire brigades is being implemented and maintained. Are there any differences in safety for those living in town or in the country?

"The most striking is that the majority of rescue services, 52%, say that they can not continually maintain the politically prepared preparedness," says Ida Luther Wallin.

Their study, which focuses firefighters hired on part-time, is based on the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency´s Report from 2003 but has been supplemented with a new survey.

"In smaller towns and rural areas it if often hard to find the right staff for part-time services. What is most alarming is that the ability to maintain preparedness and thus provide the entire population of Sweden with equivalent rescue services," says Ida Luther Wallin.

There is no clear solution to the problem. As conditions are different in most municipalities, it is also difficult to provide a simple and general way for how to proceed. What is clear is that it is up to our politicians and the state to try to support the emergency services in a different way than today, alternatively, investing in rural areas.

"The goal should be to lead Sweden to become a leading country at the forefront of developing, promoting and supporting rural areas," says Lena Håkansson.

Nominated for the Wimanska Award

This is one of the degree projects that in the spring of 2019 have been nominated by Luleå University of Technology as a candidate for the Wimanska Prize - Best Exam Work 2018.

Helena Klasson

Klasson, Helena - Adjungerad adjunkt

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